You Should Be Writing For TV!

Learn How to Become a Professional Screenwriter

You’ve got dreams.  Big dreams.  You envision your name in bold when the credits roll.  Movie stars quoting your witty dialogue. An esteemed seat in the writers room. 

People joke that you came out of the womb with a pen in your hand -- “a born storyteller”. You’ve definitely got a way with words, but when it comes to the business savvy, you’re sorely lacking.  You’re dying to be famous, but most days it seems like your passion for writing will never get industry recognition.  The “biz” seems so closed off to newcomers, and you’re totally unequipped to break in. 

Cue a very warm welcome to Sixty Second Script School! 

Here at S4, aspiring writers like you learn what it takes to become a professional screenwriter. With convenient, value-packed sixty-second daily lessons, you’ll learn how to polish your work and get it ready for the big wigs in Hollywood. 

You’ve worked your tail off for an opportunity -- let’s give you the tools to back it up!

Why S4 Works

You may be wondering: “Is this just one of those BS internet courses where I pay big bucks and get nothing of value? Why should I put my faith in this?”

Well, for starters, it’s taught by a seasoned industry professional: me! 

I’m Justin Trevor Winters - a working screenwriter whose nearly two decades-plus experience in Hollywood amounts to much more than a basic film school education. With my actual experience in the real world of writing, pitching, and selling scripts, I can provide you with the advice, tools and methods used by screenwriting professionals to land their pilots on the major networks.  

I’ll walk you through both the writing piece and the business piece - the “show”, and the “business”, if you will.

A few areas you’ll become well-versed in through Sixty Second Script School:

*brainstorming and creating original ideas that pop*

*compelling storycrafting from start to finish*

*developing treatments that flow into full pilot scripts*

*acquiring and nurturing industry connections (because your script won’t get discovered sitting at your desk for five years)*

*scoring pitch meetings and opportunities for agency representation*

*preparing yourself for the cutthroat world of the writer’s room*

*the steps to getting staffed on a hit TV show*

*finding comps that will have Hollywood execs drooling*

*and most importantly, how to achieve a luxurious lifestyle writing and selling scripts*         

I’ll drop the curtain on the seemingly elusive world of Hollywood film and television, and share with you tips, tricks, and solid strategies so your screenplays will dazzle the people who matter. With the support of my lectures and a little hard work, you’ll craft killer narratives and have the confidence and knowledge to pitch them. 

Want the VIP experience?  I’ve got you covered.  

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with me, and I’ll give you the skinny.  We’ll look at what you’ve done well and areas to be improved upon, so you’ll come away with a bulletproof rewrite.

If you’ve got just one minute per day, you’ve got time to transform your screenwriting and to get schooled in Hollywood’s ways.  

Let’s make your script sizzle.

Ready to Write?

You’re in luck: I’m so excited about the value of these courses, that I’m going to get you started for FREE! No matter which course option you choose, your first seven video lectures are on me.

Get the beginner’s necessities down so you’ll have a strong foundation and a feel for my approach.  Then choose the course that’s right for you: the 18-day treatment or the 30-day full screenplay (and don’t forget about that VIP option, which includes a professional screenwriting consultation with me!).  

The remaining videos will take you behind the scenes and teach you, step by step, the insider’s process for writing for television.  In short, sweet sixty-second lectures, you’ll learn what it takes to sell a concept, write a script, and pitch a full-blown pilot -- exactly the way it’s done at Hollywood studios today.  

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get learning and writing!